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Maternal mortality

Each day, more than 800 women die because of pregnancy.


Approximately 303,000 women's lives are lost annually due to complications during pregnancy or after childbirth. The most affected are women living in poverty or in areas affected by a humanitarian crisis.


Maternal mortality is defined by the World Health Organization as the death of a woman from pregnancy-related causes during pregnancy or within 42 days of pregnancy, expressed as a ratio to 100,000 live births.

(World Health Organization, 2004).

The goal

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Target 3.1 calls for a reduction in the global maternal mortality ratio (MMR) to less than 70 per 100 000 births by 2030.

The situation

Country              MMR           Goal

Kenya                 530             70

Burundi               494             70

Tchad                1063             70

South Sudan      1223             70

Tanzania              238             70

Uganda                284             70

DR Congo             547            70

Ethiopia               297             70

Liberia                 652             70

Nigeria               1047             70

Sweden                   5

USA                       21

The three delays model

The strategy and theory of change of the Eezer Initiative to address the challenge of maternal mortality are based on "The Three Delays Model," where the second domain, "transportation," serves as the primary entry point.

The Three Delays Model is a framework used in maternal health to understand and address the factors that contribute to maternal mortality, especially in low-resource settings. It identifies three main delays that can impact a woman's access to timely and appropriate care during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. These delays are:

By addressing each of these delays, healthcare systems can work to improve maternal health outcomes. Strategies include community education to increase awareness, improving transportation infrastructure, ensuring the availability of skilled healthcare professionals, and enhancing the quality and accessibility of healthcare services. The Three Delays Model provides a framework for understanding the complex factors influencing maternal mortality and helps guide interventions to reduce delays and improve maternal care.

The Eezer approach

The Eezer Initiative addresses the second delay in maternal mortality issues, focusing on developing solutions for safe and affordable transportation between homes and clinics.

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